Sheep Pincushion finished

2014_12060021I am thrilled with the Sheep Pincushion now it is finished. The kit is from Lorna Bateman and it is one of two kits I bought to help me learn some new stitches and try some different types of embroidery.

Whilst doing this kit I learnt how to do drizzle stitch and couching.  I was also meant to have a go at stumpwork by making some thread covered horns but to be honest I was concerned that they would dominate the finished piece of work.  I have found doing the faces and ears of the sheep challenging.  I can do the stitches but achieving the effect I am after hasn’t quite worked. The sheep above looks more like Dennis the Menace’s dog than a sheep!

2014_12060023What really impressed me was how the piece of work was completely lifted when I added the grass and flowers.  The cording is not as regular as I would have liked and I know that I didn’t quite get the technique right.  But then again I think this has more charm to it than bought cording.  Assembling the pin cushion was very easy as you just gather up the edges of the piece of work and slide it over the pad which is screwed into the wooden base from below.

2014_12060025My next project is a scissors case which will give me the opportunity to have a go at some beading work and also learn stitches such as bullion knots, roumanian stitch and palestrina stitch.  And of course it means that I get to play with the pretty sparkly beads!

I have bought some fabric so I can practice the stitches first and I plan to work up a sampler over the course of time just as I have seen on Pintangle

Once I have done this kit I will have my sewing kit all ready and I then plan to go back to crewel work which I think is more my style – I prefer the neatness and patterns it uses to the freestyle approach above.