Sheepish Pincushion – An Update

IMG_0558I have been plodding along with the pincushion for a couple of weeks, albeit it only a few evenings a week.  It has been a challenge right from the start as I have had to learn drizzle stitch and also bullion stitch.

I have followed the instructions carefully and also watched the video tutorials on Needle and Thread which are great.  However, the ears have come out rather large I think.  My eldest son keeps telling me that it doesn’t have to be identical to the photograph and that it is my interpretation – how kind.  Whilst I like learning the new stitches I think I prefer the neatness and precision of the Jacobean crewel work I did two projects ago to this kind of project so I think I will be heading back in this direction once the pincushion is done.  It has been helpful though as I am learning what I enjoy the most but also pushing myself out of my comfort zone.



7 thoughts on “Sheepish Pincushion – An Update

  1. Often we can’t appreciate a design or the stitches while we are working. I am sure you will be as pleased as punch once the pin cushion is completed. Lots of chance to practice the Drizzle stitch!

    • Thanks Queenie
      I think I will be quite proficient at drizzle stitch by the time i have finished, I am certainly very good at French knots now

  2. I think your sheep are so full of character! Well done! Pushing your self outside the comfort zone can be so rewarding and can take your thinking in a new direction.
    Barbara M

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