Pomegranate Flower Crewel Work Completed


Back on the 1st January I blogged about learning a new skill – crewel work.  I have an inability to sit and do nothing of an evening so I tend to either knit, crochet, blog, or do tapestry.  Many years ago I used to do embroidery but always from pre-printed kits and I fancied the challenge of trying something more advanced and learning some new stitches.

The kit is from The Royal School of Needlework and comprises the fabric, thread, pattern to transfer and instructions.  As I said in January the first challenge was learn to transfer the design using pouncing.  I enjoyed doing this but then lost my nerve at the next stage which was the Trellis Stitch in the middle of the flower.

2014_08250002However, picked up the work again I conquered the stitch and went on to learn Burden Stitch, Spit Stem Stitch and Padded Satin Stitch and with each one my confidence has grown as has my enjoyment and desire to learn more.

My interest and curiosity has grown and I am toying with signing up for a course with the Embroiderers Guild which will teach me how to design my own images rather than relying on others.  I am pretty confidence with a wealth of stitches but have no idea of how to start with a blank piece of fabric.  I have joined the Guild and find their quarterly magazine Stitch quite inspirational and this is where the next project is going to come from.

10580170_649766538452738_6500227930921311408_nI am having a go at a cushion. In theory this will be simple as the stitches are fairly straight forward being mainly Chain Stitch and French Knots but I have already been frustrated this afternoon at transferring the design using a different technique to the pomegranate but a solution has been found so now for the enjoyable bit.

As for the Pomegranate I think I will get it framed as I am rather pleased with it.


5 thoughts on “Pomegranate Flower Crewel Work Completed

  1. If you don’t like prick and pounce you can just draw things freehand, which might be easier for that paisley cushion as that kind of curvy organic design has lots of wiggle room. I often just use a pencil, sometimes I don’t mark out the design at all, it can be very freeing just to draw with a needle

  2. Helen I so admire your energy. Thanks for the memories; we did some embroidery at primary school – poor teacher – and I remember learning most of those stitches. All forgotten now sadly. Your pomegranate looks great. It deserves a frame.

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