The Cowl is finished and my manic expression doesn’t indicate that it was a hard pattern more that I was trying to take a photo of myself using an iPad and discovered it really was quite hard to do plus I hate having my photo taken so I shall stick to things I don’t have to model in future!

Anyway, I really enjoyed crocheting the Cowl. The pattern was very simple just double crochet with a chain in between and then on the following row you double crochet into the chain gap etc. I had to do some shaping which was new for me but I think it went OK and the cowl bit itself was simple as with crochet it is easy to go round and round and make a tube, much easier than with knitting I think.

The pattern for those interested was from Simply Crochet and by Sara Huntington, I decided to omit the teddy bear ears. The wool is Rico Basic Super Big Aran in stone grey.

Now to find another project which I won’t have to model!


The Cowl is Finished

5 thoughts on “The Cowl is Finished

  1. I thought I would take a peek at what you are doing when you are not in the garden and it was like the Scarlet Pimpernel being uncloaked (did he have a cloak?) – Hello Helen! Well done for your cowl and your crotcheting progress – it’s looking good.

    • Hi Cathy
      I am still in two minds about this blog, used to blogging frequently anout gardening but of course crafty stuff takes so much longer and it is hard to write interestingly about it!

      • Keeping up with one blog is time consuming as it is – difficult decision really, particularly as you started your gardening blog as journal for your own benefit. Depends on the purpose of a crafty blog – and lots of gardeners have crafty stuff on the go as well..

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