Granny Squares 38 and 39 – 81 to go

2013_09080024 2013_09080026

A couple more squares completed.  I do need to block these and I am finding that some squares seem to be coming up larger than others although I am sure my tension is the same.  It makes me wonder the advisability of making a rug out of such a diverse range of styles of granny squares and stitches.  After all, all the rugs I have seen on Pinterest etc seem to be made up of only one or two styles of squares.  Anyway we will have to see.  I do know though that I will need to redo some of the earlier squares which are too tight and small.

These two squares are made up of very basic stitches which were satisfying to crochet although not simple enough for me to watch Inspector Montalbano and read the subtitles at the same time.

The top one is simply made up of rows of treble stitches.  The bottom square is double treble stitch and then different coloured rows in double crochet.

Off to do some more and dream of crocheting something more interesting.



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