New Granny Squares


I haven’t been well today so to keep me occupied I have been ploughing on with the granny squares for the vintage throw.

There are two plain squares.  The deep purple one, or aubergine, is in a basketweave and I found this quite challenging to do.  The stitch was fairly simple once I got the hang of it and could see how the pattern developed, however I found it rather awkward to crochet.  To get the basketweave effect you do two stitiches rtrf and two stitches rtrb.  Rtrf stands for relief treble front and basically it means you do a treble stitch around the front of the stitch post and rtrb stands for relief treble back which means you do a treble stitch around the back of the stitch post.


The other plain square is a very simple half treble square and crochets up quickly.  It is meant to have a motif embroidered on it but I have tried a few with the embellishment and I’m not so keen.


However, I really enjoyed crocheting the last square which is a wavy striped square.  The wave was much easier than I anticipated you simply create it with 3 dbl and then 3 tr and then reverse this after two rows.

I only have 90 more squares to do now!!



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